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Storent Holdings bonds has been oversubscribed by 62%

Storent Holdings has said its public offering of €4.5 million in bonds has been oversubscribed by 62%.

The bonds, which opened on September 25 and have an 11% interest rate, attracted a total demand of €7.2 million from 1325 unique investors.

The proceeds will be used to repay a loan from a previous majority shareholder, boost growth in new investments and refinance existing AS Storent Investems bond issue.

Andris Pavlovs, co-founder and chairman of the board of Storent Group said, “The bond issue was oversubscribed by 62%, and the overall number of investors who subscribed grew by 43%, compared to the bond issue that we held in May.

“It shows there is a strong interest and belief in the innovations Storent brings to the market. We will continue to develop the company as a modern rental business.”


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