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Why invest in bonds?

Well-established, growing company

Total sales €43.8 m

EBITDA €14.1 m

EBT €4.8m
* Pro-forma, 2023

Future Tech

Leader in rental process digitalization and online sales

Fully automatized company's internal processes

Market Leaders

Present in 5 countries

#3 in Baltics
#1 in Latvia
Niche specialists in Sweden and Finland

Interest worldwide

Investors from 13 countries

Around 1500 investors have already purchased company's bonds

Nominal value

100 EUR



Interest paid



September 21, 2026


March 4, 2024

Start of the subscription


March 12, 2024

March 18, 2024

End of subscription period​

March 19, 2024

Results announcement​

March 21, 2024

Issue of the bonds​

September 21, 2026

Bond maturity date

How to subscribe

Open an investment account at a Baltic bank or brokerage company

Search for bonds or corporate actions in the internet bank

Instructions for Latvian investors

Instructions for Estonian investors

Find the 2024/2026 Storent bond issue, subscribe for the desired amount.

Don't leave the subscription to the last moment! In case of oversubscription, early submitted orders will be satisfied first.

  • The Storent bond issue is open to any institutional or private investors with a securities account registered at a Baltic commercial bank or a brokerage company.

  • Annual interest rate of 2024/2026 Storent bonds is 10% paid quarterly. It means that for every bond purchased the investor will receive interest payment of EUR 10 for each full year on top of return of principal investment.

  • We have a data-based and ambitious business expansion strategy formed by our professional team, that we will carry out. The proceeds from the issue of the Notes will be used for general corporate purposes and any possible future acquisitions.

  • We diligently capitalize on every opportunity to foster the growth of our business. In 2023, during the public offering of its bonds Storent Holdings attracted EUR 15 million. This year we have found new opportunities to grow and intend to use additional bonds to do so.

  • For Latvian residents – tax is not withheld if the individual is keeping securities in his investments account. Otherwise, there will be personal income tax withheld in the amount of 20%. For individuals who are residents of other countries and from legal entities tax is not withheld.

  • Investors' rights protection comes in three forms:

    a) financial covenants such as minimum equity ratio of 35% and maximum Net debt/EBITDA ratio of 2.5 ensure that Storent's financial risk is relatively low;

    b) guarantee from the group's main operating company Storent SIA;

    c) bonds will be listed on a regulated market segment (Nasdaq Baltic Bond List) which is supervised by the Bank of Latvia.

Frequently asked questions

Base Prospectus and Supplement

Base Prospectus and Supplement.pdf


Number of offered securities


Issue value


Listing date


Maturity date

Coupon rate (%)

Next coupon payment date



100 EUR

7,000,000 EUR

100% of bond value


Baltic Bond List




By investing in this bond issue, you will invest in innovative company with good place in market. We welcome you to join un in this journey and earn money while others build.

If you have questions, contact us:

Baiba Onkele

CFO, Investor relations

Jānis Dubrovskis

financial advisor of Redgate Capital

Final Terms

Final Terms Storent Holdings SIA Second Series.pdf

Summary (LV)

Issue Specific Summary LV.pdf

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