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The most innovative rental company

We founded Storent with the aim of offering our customers the possibility to rent equipment quickly, easily, without unnecessary bureaucracy and at the best possible price. To achieve this, we have focused on integrating IT solutions into our work from the very beginning and invested heavily in IT solutions from day one. 

Now Storent's rental processes are automated to the maximum. We have developed an ERP system for the management of sales activities (integrated CRM), the organization and planning of repairs and maintenance, financial accounting and management, as well as all other business processes related to the operation of a construction equipment rental company.

In addition, digital solutions also play an important role in Storent's cooperation with the customer. Without calling or driving to us, a Storent customer can carry out all activities remotely: book, collect and hand over the required equipment

Our future consists of many components that we have combined in an IRMS (Intelligent Rental Management System) - it digitizes all our internal processes, some of them fully automated, significantly increasing efficiency as well as collaboration with our customers. And we plan to go even further by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning wherever it's possible. A person will always remain the decisionmaker, but we intend to use every opportunity we have in the 21st century to pass the small time-consuming tasks to technologies.

Finance helps us grow faster - we are on a wave of innovation that is carrying us towards our development goals. The industry is changing, we know exactly what to do to take advantage of this situation for ourselves and the industry. By raising additional assets through bond emission, we will fulfil a number of strategic objectives, driving our business forward.
We will not stop there. We will go further.

Owners message

Co-owner Andris Pavlovs

Company Highlights

STORENT, established in 2008, is leading building equipment rental company in Latvia, taking up one of biggest market shares in Baltics and present in Sweden and Finland. STORENT operates 27 rental depots. Slogan RENTAL EQUIPMENT EXPERTS reflects who we want to become for our customers – experts in machinery and tools, experts in the field on rental equipment. We strive to provide customers means to perform their job within required timeframe and budget.

Geographic Summary

€ 43.8m

Consolidated revenue (2023)

€ 13.7m

Consolidated EBITDA (2023)

€ 5.5m

EBT (2023)


Baltic market share


Leader in rental process digitalization and online sales


Digitally signed rental documents in Baltics (2023)


Latvian capital

€ 160+m

Total rental fleet Company operates (2023 December)


Employees (2023 December)

  • Acquired in 2016

  • 43 Employees

  • 2022 rental market²: EUR 705m

  • 2023 Storent revenue: EUR 9.4m  

  • Operated since 2017

  • 10 Employees

  • 2022 rental market²: EUR 1,939m

  • 2023 Storent revenue: EUR 2.8m

Share in 2023 consolidated Storent revenue​

Number of Storent rental depots

  • Since 2009

  • 37 Employees

  • 2022 rental market²: EUR 84m

  • 2023 Storent revenue: EUR 4.3m  

  • Since 2008

  • 94 Employees

  • Group's headquarter & management team

  • 2022 rental market²: EUR 73m

  • 2023 Storent revenue: EUR 17.1m  

  • Since 2008

  • 52 Employees

  • 2022 rental market²: EUR 127m

  • 2023 Storent revenue: EUR 10.2m  

Our Journey

Check out our detailed presentation about Company

Why invest in bonds?

Steady Growth

Well-established, growing company

EUR 4.8 million profit in 2023
* Pro-forma

Future Tech

Leader in rental process digitalization and online sales

Fully automatized company's internal processes

Global Company

Investors from 13 countries

Around 1500 investors have already purchased company's bonds

Market Leaders

Strong Baltic market position

#1 in Latvia, #3 in Estonia and Lithuania, growing presence in Finland and Sweden markets

Our Vision

Our Purpose


Customer trust our expertise we are the premier choice for rental equipment


We are always available and committed to take care of our customers and partners.


To be the most effective provider of equipment rental solutions for businesses and individuals in the Baltics and Nordics.

Our Must-Win Battles


Clear, efficient and timely processes.


The first choice of the customer.


Strong and united team.


Experts in equipment rental

  • Storent provides rental equipment solutions. We have over 20 product groups. Main rental equipment groups are aerial lifts and working platforms, telescopic handlers and forklifts and earthmoving equipment.
    More about our services find on our site:

  • First advantage: this company was founded to implement digitization in the rental industry. We have embraced innovations since day one and strongly believe that working digitally is vital to the growth of our company and industry overall. Seeing the potential of digitalization so early gives us a great advantage in the industry.

    The second advantage: our team consists of experts. Constantly seeking knowledge is one of our core values and employees are motivated to constantly extend their knowledge. Furthermore, management has extended experience in the equipment rental industry (20+ years) which gives the advantage of knowledge-based decision-making.

  • Our clients are in the form of B2B and B2C.

    Business clients are mostly construction companies (construction, renovations, road infrastructure works), manufacturers, event organizers, farmers, and the military.

    Private clients need equipment to do small projects, for example, renovations at home, maintenance projects.

  • Storent aims to strengthen its market positions in the Baltics as well as continue expansion in Sweden and Finland. The company is continuing to work on its sales efficiency and digitization efforts, maximizing its online rental experience.

  • See our latest and historical financial results in section “Financials”.

  • There are two options how to invest in Storent bonds:

    1) During the initial offering if the offer is available in the investor's country.

    2) By placing a purchase order on the Nasdaq Baltic Bond List through one of its members.

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Frequently asked questions

Innovations - the digitalisation story

We at Storent have focused on integrating IT solutions into our work from the very beginning and invested heavily in IT solutions from day one. During these years we have achieved so much for our internal work organization and collaboration with clients

  • Automated accounting and management reports

  • Profit and loss statement for each equipment unit​ (drill, lifts)

  • Every management decision based on advanced BI tools and inner data

Financial Management

  • Automated technician workflow

  • Automated processes of maintenance and repairing

  • Technicians using devices to keep track of task progress

Technical Division

  • Delivery and return using QR code

  • Organizing the logistics using CargoPoint​

Customer Service Management

  • Automated customer onboarding with credit rating check​

  • Digital signing of agreements, delivery notes​

  • Automated reservations from availability reports to equipment delivery

  • Automated invoicing and income forecasting

  • Integrated equipment sharing through Preferent

  • Integrated CRM module

Sales management

All internal business processes are automatized to the maximum. Working 100% paperless.

Innovations will not stop at what we have achieved now. We have set a goal to implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning wherever possible to raise our efficiency to an even higher level.

Innovations will not stop at what we have achieved now. We have set a goal to implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning wherever possible to raise our efficiency to an even higher level.


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